Premarital Coaching

So you’re planning a wedding?

BUT, ….. are you planning a MARRIAGE – one that will last longer than the average of 7-8 years?  Statistically, marriage is a risky venture. The national divorce rate stands at a little over 50%, even among Christians. And for those who live together prior to marriage, the divorce rate is even higher.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

And truthfully, if America is to become the strong nation we once were, we are going to have to re-focus on the family! The relationship between husband and wife is critical to building a strong family, community, city, state, nation and world! Yes, it really IS that important!!

Your marriage CAN be different. It WILL be different if you DO something different.

Give your relationship the gift of intentional pre-planning!  Rev. Donna offers coaching sessions that will help the two of you discuss critical issues: learning to say I love you, languages of apology, issues of love and respect, the process of becoming one etc.

What are the costs associated with premarital coaching?

Rev. Dr. Cox suggests a rate of $30-50 per session however, she does not want cost to keep people from getting the help they need. As a result, she will take whatever the couple is able to pay. Based on experience, Dr. Cox has found that it is important for couples to make some kind of monetary investment in their sessions.

You will also need to purchase materials for use during your sessions and in your homework.

Contact Rev. Donna to discuss your premarital plans!

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