Marriage Coaching

Marriage Coaching

What Is the Cost?

There are multiple ways to obtain the help you and your spouse need:

  1. Contact your HMO or primary care physician for recommendations for psychologists.
  2. Contact the HR office at work for the number of the emergency assistance office.
  3. Contact the pastor at your church for an appointment.
  4. Work with a person like Rev. Dr. Donna Cox, Pastor-at-Large.

Each option has its own strengths and challenges and it is important you and your spouse select one that works best for you.

  • Most insurance companies will only pay for marriage counseling when the counselor finds you or your spouse suffering from an emotional or mental disorder. Marriage counseling is then covered as treatment for the disorder. In some cases, you may be able to obtain counseling through your medical plan. If it is not covered by your insurance company, you can expect to pay out of pocket.
  • The pastor at your local congregation may agree to meet with you. However, few pastors have training in marriage counseling and their schedules rarely allow for more than one or two meetings. If the issues in your marriage are severe, your pastor will need to refer you to a professional.
  • Rev. Dr. Donna Cox, Pastor-At-Large, offers marital coaching sessions. She brings to the sessions more than 15 years of working with married couples via an on-going Sunday School class, private counseling sessions and interventions and post-graduate workshops and seminars. She possesses a Masters of Theological Studies with a focus on marriage and family. Sessions with Rev. Cox are based on principles found in the Word of God although couples who seek her assistance do not have to be Christians.  It is important to note, however, that Rev. Dr. Cox is not a psychologist or psychiatrist. If your marital issues are severe she will need to refer you to a professional who can best help you.

No matter which path you choose, it is safe to assume that you may need to pay for part, if not all, of the therapy out of your pocket. Depending upon the type of assistance you choose, rates vary from about $45 to $200 per session. The average is about $95.  Rev. Dr. Cox suggests a rate of $50 per hour, however, she does not want cost to keep people from getting the help they need. As a result, she will take whatever the couple is able to pay. Based on experience, Dr. Cox has found that it is important for couples to make some kind of monetary investment in their sessions.

What Can You Expect?

During our sessions, you can expect her full attention. Rev. Cox will listen carefully, be honest and open, and give advice when it is warranted. Mostly, she will ask clarifying questions so that the two of you look honestly at your situation. Rev. Cox cannot solve your marriage problems. Only the two of you can do that. The hard work is not during your sessions. The hard work begins when you get back to your home and begin to put into practice the concepts you discuss in sessions.

What Does Rev. Dr. Cox Need From You?

If you are going to move forward in your marriage you both must commit to being fully present during the sessions. You must be willing to be open and honest about what is happening in your marriage. She expects each person to actively engage in the sessions and agree to follow recommendations between sessions.      Rev. Cox expects, and insists, that couples treat each other, and her, with respect.

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