Pastoral Coaching

We live in an era where people are connected to thousands of people at the click of a button. Even so, more people find themselves disconnected in the ways that matter most. This includes the opportunity to have meaningful discussions about:

  • relationships
  • life transitions (examples: from college to work, marriage or divorce)
  • career paths
  • spiritual growth

So, you need to talk….

Rev. Donna offers coaching individual sessions that will help you intentionally talk about and think through the important things in your life!

What are the costs associated with pastoral coaching?

Rev. Dr. Cox suggests a rate of $30-50 per session however, she does not want cost to keep people from getting the help they need. As a result, she will take whatever the couple is able to pay. Based on experience, Dr. Cox has found that it is important for people to make some kind of monetary investment in their growth.

Contact Rev. Donna to schedule an appointment.

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