I’m Tired!

I’m tired!  I’m tired of watching family and friends constantly struggle in all areas of their lives. I’m especially tired of watching people who trust in the Lord struggle. Lest anyone think I’ve set myself up as a paragon of ‘got it all together’ I want to say at the outset that I’m also tired of myself!  This issue was especially heavy on my heart this morning as I  had ‘a little talk with Jesus’ and told Him about it. What follows is part of my dialogue with God and what He impressed upon my heart.

It’s simply too much – too much lack, too much undisciplined behavior, too much ignorance, too much inability to envision life without struggle! We serve the God of more than enough so why are we so content to live in the valley of too little?  Not once did God ever give people just enough. God always provided more than what the person needed. What makes me tired is the knowledge that most people aren’t renting space in the valley of too little.  They’ve built permanent residences there. They’ve built the family home in this valley and seem content to pass down the keys to their children. They have checkbook empty, credit cards maxed out, house filthy, driving a hoopty, kids raising themselves, eyes vacant, dreams nothing more than a pile of dust in the corner, and hope not just deferred but totally forgotten. And most people live in this place because of personal choices, actions, and decisions. Underneath, if they look honestly and closely, they will discover that they live in the valley of too little back to an unwillingness to move when, where and how God said move!  They have too much debt so they can’t go back to school; too little education because they blew the opportunities they had; too little love because they’ve disrespected ourselves and let the wrong person in or chased off the ones who would have loved them the way God intended. They have too little faith because they choose to look at their situations instead of God’s promises and provision. Yes, some people have had bad things dumped on them by others. Some people start life already an hour late because of someone else’s bad decisions. I get that because it’s been my life as well. And this is not about blaming the victim. This is about pointing people out of the valley.  Christ didn’t die so we could accept victim status. We are victors through Christ and that’s an entirely different mindset.

Aren’t we tired of wearing sackcloth and ashes? When will we get tired of beating our head against the same brick walls?  When will we get tired of living as paupers when our God says we are royalty? When will we say ‘ENOUGH! I’ve got to make a shift?’  This deeply bothers me. I’m tired of watching people struggle and accept it as their lot in life. Wrong!!!  I’m tired of people constantly making excuses for why they are always a day late and a dollar short. We have the power to make a difference in our own lives and in those of our family members. We can do all things through Christ but we are the ones who have to want it badly enough to try a different way. It’s time to look in the mirror and tell the person staring back that you are tired of her. Examine your actions. The old adage is true: if you keep doing the same thing you’ll keep getting what you’ve got. So is the other one: to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity.  Listen my friends. Christ came so that you can have and enjoy your life. Christ came so that you could have an abundant life, full to overflowing. God is your parent and it breaks God’s heart to see you struggle.  To borrow the words from Michael Jackson If you want to make [your] world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change! When you get tired of being tired you will be at the point when you can pack your belongings, call for a U-haul and get out of the valley of not enough! Your life depends on it.

I’m tired! Are you?

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